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Profîla Karakterê Suzune Horikita

Suzune Horikita is a character that appears in the first season of the Anime and in the second season as well. She is a main character along with Kiyotaka and the other characters of the series. She first appears in episode 1 of the first season of Qonaxa Elite, and makes herself known to the main character Kiyotaka by introducing herself. This is the Suzune Horikita Character Profile.

Suzune Horikita overview

Horikita is a very important character in the Anime, and appears in many of the different episodes. During the 2 seasons, she becomes the leader of class D, and this is also the class that Kiyotaka û Kushida are both in.

It should also be mentioned that Horikita also attended the same school as Kushida before they both went to the academy.

We covered this in our post: why does Kushida hate Horikita in Qonaxa Elite? Read that post for a full explanation. She appears in the episodes up to the episode 13 in Season 2 of Qonaxa Elite.

Xuyabûn û Aura

Coming in at around 5’1.5″ / 156cm, she isn’t the most intimidating member of the school, however, don’t let that fool you, Suzune Horikita can be quite determined, and have the temper to show for it, since during the first part of the first season, she is cold and un-empathetic to her Class mates who are falling behind.

Suzune Horikita
© Lerche (Dersa Elite)

She has black hair, and wears the academy school uniform, and has some beautiful red eyes which look amazing in anime. In the dub version of Qonaxa Elite, she gives off a cold feeling and is quite up-tight and not relaxed.

This doesn’t make her that attractive to her class mates and it can be said that in the first season she is not as well liked and doesn’t really give off a good aura, certainly not to the people she interacts with in her class.

Personality of Suzune Horikita

In anime, she is cold, unempathetic and slightly arrogant. This is the way she comes across in the first season of the Anime. This is because she is so focused on taking her class to progress to A Class and take their spot, she is very annoyed as some of the other students don’t take it seriously, whereas she does.

Di demsala duyemîn a anime, Suzune Horikita is more relaxed and forgiving, and actually starts to realise that without class D working together, their prospects of getting to A Class and replacing them, seem unrealistic and bleak.

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Because of this, she starts to work more with the other characters, and actually build relationships with them properly, instead of only Bering nice to them to further the advancement of the Class.

This changes her character, and makes her more likable, and just like Kiyotaka, she becomes more intelligent and clever cunning as a result, because she starts using the other characters to her advantage and the classes.


When talking about the Suzune Horikita Character Profile, we need to mention the history of Suzune Horikita. It’s pretty very straightforward, she starts off in the very first episode, just as Kiyotaka is giving us his little monologue at the start. She is one of the few characters in anime that really wants class D to get to the top.

This is along with Kushida û Kiyotaka who secretly both want the class to climb and take Class A’s spot. Horikita is no different. So, in the second season, she becomes a lot more admirable.

Along with this, she also realises that Kushida really wants her out of the school. However, instead of trying to threaten her or take some sort of aggressive or destructive action, she actually tries to reason with Kushida, a fact I think is often overlooked.

Even though she is in a tough spot with Ryueen û Kushida, she still comes out on top in the later half of the second season because Kiyotaka helps her and stops Kushida from trying to get excluded permanently from the academy.

A lot of the problems that are related to being Class leader, get brought on Horikita, however, she does a good job with dealing with them, and this should be thought about.

Karaktera arc

Much like her history, the character of this character is vital to understanding the Suzune Horikita Character Profile. Her arc is quite interesting, but nothing completely out of the ordinary. For example, she starts off as a cold loner, show nobody likes.

However, by the end of the second season she is much more likable and respected. Although there are still some girls and other pupils who dislike her.

Since all the credit is attributed to her after the Island test and this means the students in her class actually have a reason to listen to her. This carries on into the demsala duyemîn, however there are still instances where her class mates thinks she is a loser and is still regarded as someone with no friends.

This is true if you think about it, even Kiyotaka gets into his little friend group near the later episodes of 2, and he’s practically a sociopath. Nevertheless, we are going to see some developments in 3 of Classroom of the Elite for sure.

Character Significance in Classroom of the Elite

Suzune Horikita is a very important character in Classroom of the Elite, she starts off as the main protagonist along side Kiyotaka, and vows to get Class D to the top spot.

She is one of the few characters who really cares about advancing her class along with Kiyotaka. She does not care how she is viewed by her class mates, and basically does not have any friends, but that’s the least of her worries.

So, it may not make her one of the most likable main characters, but at least she has goals and aspirations and isn’t just worried about how many points she has to buy things like some of the other characters in anime.

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